What is The Granat Group, LLC?

The Granat Group, LLC is a development, advisory and investment firm that seeks to create new approaches to delivering on-line legal services.

What kind of consulting and development work does the company do?

We develop on-line legal solutions for our own account and for others. We are interested in advising and/or investing in ideas and concepts that demonstrate innovation in the delivery of legal services.

The focus of our work is to use information technology to not only automate legal services, but to innovate in the delivery of legal services: to develop new ways of delivering legal services to clients that result in greater client satisfaction often at reduced cost. 

Where does the company work?

Everywhere. We are based in Washington, DC and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, but our mix of projects in recent years has been throughout the United States. Our operating companies are based in the Washington, D.C. area, but our staff is distributed through the United States.

What about proposals?

We do not participate in competitive proposals.

How do parties begin a relationship with the company?

Typical clients have included are law firms, pre-paid legal insurance companies, and in some cases public legal services agencies. A client can also be a venture capital or investor group that is seeking to make an investment in the legal market-space and is seeking strategic advice., or a bank or insurance company that wishes to engage in the delivery of on-line legal services.

Contact Information

Richard S. Granat, President
The Granat Group, LLC
Phone: 561- 622-9971
FAX: 888-592- 9907
Cell: 561-214-1306