About Us

The Granat Group, LLC. was founded by Richard S. Granat in 1997 to develop innovative approaches to using the Internet to deliver legal services. The company was established to respond to the enormous inefficiency in the legal services sector, and the fact that there was little development of “consumer” or “client-facing” approaches to the delivery of legal services.

In January, 2000 the company entered into a strategic alliance with Epoq in the United Kingdom, to import Rapidocs into the United States. Rapidocs is Epoq’s web-enabled document assembly technology. Shortly thereafter, Epoq US (now known as SmartLegalForms, Inc.) launched its revolutionary SmartLegalForms web service, which enables users to assemble complex legal documents or Adobe PDF forms using the custom built Rapidocs software which “interviews” users and creates complex documents tailored to their circumstances. Many other legal information web sites have been published since January, 2000.

Today The Granat Group publishes over 20 legal information web sites, either directly or on behalf of clients, which serve over 10,000 users a month.

In 2009 we launched the DirectLaw virtual law firm web service that enables law firms to deliver legal services on-line. Over 150 law firms nationwide have subscribed to the service. It is the largest network of virtual law firms delivering legal services for a fixed fee on-line.