Consultants on the Delivery of Online Legal Services

Our focus is working with organizations, law firms, legal incubators, law schools, and legal service organizations seeking to deliver legal services to consumers  at a price they can afford.

You will find links to articles on the impact of the Internet on the delivery of legal services, videos, a list of courses I have developed on the subject of the intersection of legal technology and the delivery of legal services. services.

Information is available on my professional background and my experience in creating new ways of delivering legal services for the “latent market for legal services.”

You will find examples of the projects we have worked on and the different ways we can be retained for consulting, application development, legal education course development, conferences, lawyer training and CLE, keynote speeches,  and advisory services for legal technology start-ups.

We seek relationships with organizations, companies and individuals who understand the potential of the mass distribution of legal services to the broad middle class. Serving this “latent” legal market presents opportunities for growth.

My blog  focuses on the impact of the Internet on the delivery of legal services, new startups in the legal technology , industry trends, and regulatory issues that impact on new players who intend to disrupt the legal marketplace.

I hope you will find the resources within this site useful if you are planning a project to deliver affordable legal services over the Internet or thinking of new ways to close the access to justice gap.

Please return often as we update this site weekly.

Richard S. Granat